Thursday, September 29, 2011

Blah, Blah, Blood

Blood stains are yucky...ok. The best way to get them out without using expensive products is using good old fashioned HYDROGEN PEROXIDE. Pour a cap full...or more (if you were in a serious bar fight/ family t-ball night beat down with your ex-husband's new girlfriend, that skank!!!) on the spot let it soak for about 5 minutes depending on the fabric and how long the blood has been on the fabric. You may not want to do this with that silk scarf you "borrowed" from a large retailer and plan to return after your cross-eyed cousin's wedding. Seriously, the girl is lucky she found that water-buffalo of husband, but that don't mean you should actually have to buy a scarf for the blessed union of chubb and ugly. The peroxide may leave a hole in the silk as big as your sister's husband's head...GINORMOUS. Just sayin....

Peroxide works great on cotton. Make sure you test an inconspicuous spot, first.

Stop buying all those $5 bottles of blood removers...they are probably just peroxide anyway. Go to your local drugstore/dollar store, and stock up on HYDROGEN PEROXIDE...but don't get too much, the Feds may think you're running a meth lab in your mini-van.

Happy Scrubbing,


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